Kini: A Room of One’s Own

We are proud to announce Kini‘s first album on Sublunar, A Room of One’s Own. In Kini’s own words:

“Most of the album was formed through a process of, essentially, mining my own sound experiments for songs. I often start by acquiring a sound palette via a method I find interesting. Three of the tracks on the album were about limitation, and I only allowed myself one, two or three sound sources per track. ‘Icaro’ for example was made using only, a broken piano I found in an attic, an ironing board and my voice. The second phase is totally experimental, in that I spend a great deal of time manipulating the recorded sounds, until something captivates my imagination. Much of what I end up using contains rhythms, melodies or musical ideas created unintentionally, and these form the basis of many of the compositions.

I love working with found sound when making a track, as it stops me from thinking in a conventionally musical way, and allows my mind to be indiscriminate about sound; I find this helps in creating unique sonic worlds. This whole approach was largely inspired by the music of Pierre Schaeffer, and his pioneering concept, Musique concrète. The notion that you can abstract noise from the world around you into a piece of music really connected with me, I’d always instinctively recognised a type of musicality in my environments since being a child. Writing music inspired by Musique concrète was a chance to make my inner musical experiences heard by other people, to see if they could hear what I was hearing, in what would otherwise be a mundane din, ordinary and unnoticed.

The name of the album is taken from the title of a Virginia Woolf essay, that in 1929 revealed the truth behind the gender imbalance in literary accomplishments throughout history; not so because of any say so, inherently female inferiority, and more so because of the simple fact that women were denied the time and space needed to produce creative works; all that was required was a room of one’s own. Female representation in music today is still overshadowed by a predominantly male world, and it’s up to all of us to be aware of the institutional and societal barriers that perpetuate the imbalance today, so that we can overcome them and celebrate an all encompassing range of human creativity.”

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