Announcement; 365 singles and an album!

The Sublunar Society proudly announces a new record deal, with Mick Sussman (New York). Who is the composer? Sussman – or his own software program, The Rosenberg Algorithmic Music Generator?

With the push of a button, Rosenberg creates a unique composition, making thousands of decisions based on a sequence of randomized processes. The pieces have echoes of electronic experimentalism, jazz, gamelan, afropop, psychedelic rock… This is also postmodern art music.

The Sublunar Society releases a digital single a day on all major services. The art project will continue for 365 days.

Sublunar also releases a digital album – The Rosenberg Algorithmic Music Generator: Selected Works, Vol. 1. These compositions are generated after the 365 first… Hence, they demonstrate the development this far. For full press release, click here.

Stream the album here, on Spotify, Tidal, Deezer, Apple Music etc. Available for download here, from iTunes, Bandcamp and all Amazon sites.

Mick Sussman: The Rosenberg Algorithmic Music Generator

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