Armand Gutheim: The Human Footprint

The Sublunar Society presents The Human FootprintArmand Gutheim‘s first full length studio release since 2011, and his first digital album on Sublunar.

This concept album was originally, i.e. in a previous version, composed for Carbon Footprints, an exhibition with Unda Arte in Coimbra, Portugal; The Photography / Multimedia International Meeting 2013.

The Human Footprint is recorded in Gutheim’s own studio with the following guest musicians / vocalists: Hans Müller, Eva Maria Hux, Yvan Auzely, Charlotte Assarsson, Sabina Gutheim, Santiago Jimenez Borges, Sven-Olov Persson and Peder Bjoerk.

Stream here, on Spotify, Tidal, Deezer, Apple Music etc. Available for download here, from iTunes, Bandcamp and all Amazon sites.

Cover art and graphic design by Unda Arte.

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