Arno Peeters

Arno Peeters

Arno Peeters is a Dutch, autodidact composer. In 1983 – well before the DJ became the new superstar – he was experimenting with tape and simple Hi Fi-equipment, trying to emulate the effects and sounds of electronic music like Kraftwerk, Laurie Anderson, Art of Noise and Coil.

In 1986, he joined the Centre for Electronic Music (CEM), where he was able to take his experiments to a new level in a professional studio environment. In 1989, he was one of the techno pioneers in the Netherlands.

In the years that followed, he made several records and CDs in the emerging electronic dance scene, but foremost he was searching for ways to renew the genre. Disappointed by the conventions of this style of music, he turned away and applied himself to more experimental music.

In 1996, he created AeroSon, a 40-minute sound collage as an admission to the International Rostrum of Electroacoustic Music (IREM). It won him the first prize in the category “Composers Under 30” and was released with the German Mille Plateaux label, along with some tracks on compilation albums. Since then, his focus has shifted away from releasing towards working more project-based: remixes, compilations and interactive: installations, video, sound design.

Today Peeters is a freelance radio producer and editor within Dutch National Radio. With his own company and studio, Tape TV Productions (in Utrecht) he assembles, edits and mixes for radio, film and apps on a regular basis and specializes in surround sound and audio within interactive applications.

Since 2004, he works intensively with installation artist (and partner for life) Iris Honderdos. Together they have worked on community based installations and performances worldwide: in Vietnam (2006-07), Armenia (2011), Bulgaria (2014) and Norway (2016). They also have done several projects for NGOs like Cordaid (Sierra Leone 2012), the Royal Tropical Institute (India and Uganda 2012) and the prestigious Institute of Development Studies (Kenya 2015).

Due to Peeter’s widespread experience in the area of sound and music, festivals and organizations acquire his help as consultant for audiovisual solutions or as an aid in setting up the program. Between 2013 and 2016, he was an advisor for the Dutch Cultural Media Fund. Currently, he is a member of the Dutch Oscar Selection Commission 2017 for Best Foreign Language Film.

In 2017, Peeters signed a record deal with The Sublunar Society. Hitherto, he has dropped Plugin Dropout – an experimental digital album, CD and DVD on Sublunar. The DVD (5:1 Surround) also includes AeroSon, see above.

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