BLYPKEN is an avant-garde project / artist, started in 2017 by Romanian composer George D. Stanciulescu, aka LeVant.

BLYPKEN describes his music as “neurowave”. It is focused on the more futuristic dimensions of the unconventional post-dance sound, revealing a deconstructed mix of techno, industrial and ambient with a cinematic edge…

The first release on Sublunar is 0102, a suite in two parts. The Fetishamanic Maze, was debuted as an audiovisual performance in May 2017, at Live Performers Meeting, held at RADION Amsterdam. The third release on Sublunar is the single Purity Nemesis.

BLYPKEN has been on stage at some audiovisual shows in the international art world circuit, with the collaboration of video artist Andrei Cozlac. This far, BLYPKEN has performed in Netherlands, UK, Austria, Germany, Ireland, Switzerland, France and Spain.


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