Christine Webster -

Christine Webster

Christine Webster is a French sound artist, composer and researcher, whose work spans electroacoustic composition, improvisation, films and virtual reality projects.

She studied electroacoustic music in the late 1980s and worked as a sound engineer in audio post-production studios for French TV and cinema. She was several times nominee, Webster sound designed Joana Lurie’s “Le silence sous l’écorce” on competition in 2011 for the Oscar animation films category. Webster was aired on France Musique, France Culture, Radio Libertaire, Radio Campus, Radio Grenouille, RTE Lyric FM and LYL Radio…

A lot of the sound work Webster produced between 1998 and 2011 was influenced by cinema and literature, giving her experimental sound work an articulated and pseudo narrative aspect, sometimes blurred in a cinematic manner. During this period she released two CDs, Wild Orion and Ushuu, and numerous compositions in residencies for France Musique‘s radio show Tapage Nocturne and collaborated with the Orchestre National de Radio France.

In 2006, Christine Webster began to investigate massive multiplayer virtual reality platforms, like Second Life, pioneering participative real time online concerts and VR interactive multichannel sound installations. Focusing on the potential of ambisonic and binaural technologies applied to VR scenes, Webster collaborated in 2013 with EnsadLab’s Spatial Media Laboratory. There she developed the Empty Room project, an immersive electroacoustic composition, directly spatialized in VR. Empty Room is also the core of her ongoing PhD thesis (at CICM Paris 8). The project is artistically supported by Institut Français and LE CUBE. It has been featured in International art centers and VR exhibitions. 

In 2012, after the release of her experimental film Fukushima Days, Webster’s compositions became more abstract and organic, using the wide range and possibilities of modular synthesis, in the search of more immediate expressivity, liveness and spatiality. She has performed on the experimental and modular scene in different places around Europe.

In 2017, The Sublunar Society and Webster signed a record deal, and in 2018 the album Iceberg the Drift was released.

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