Ocean Viva Silver -

Ocean Viva Silver

The avant-garde composer Valérie Vivancos (France), aka Ocean Viva Silver, sailed the Anglo-Saxon artistic and musical undercurrents for 11 years before settling in Paris. Her journeys have led her to the ports of Sète, Liverpool, Lisbon, Copenhagen, San Francisco, New York and Rio as prime locations for drifting and performing. For the past 20 years, her artistic universe has revolved around the corporality of sound and the various states of the sounding body. Her work is mainly focused on experimental composition, performance scores, situations and writing protocols that interweave life and fiction and collect “curious” experiences.

Vivancos studied art and languages at the Chelsea School of Art (London), the Sorbonne University (Paris) and SFAI (San Francisco). She has run art workshops in Brazil (Rio, Recife, Sao Paulo), performed spatialised music in a Planetarium (Poitiers), on a boat (Danube), created sounds for the answering machine of the Palais de Tokyo (Paris), worked poet and performer Virgile Novarina during his sleep, curated Fluxus shows and full moon drifts…

Vivancos work has been featured in international art centers and festivals (ICA, Barbican, Palais de Tokyo, Grand Palais, Mudam, Présences Electronique…) and on experimental radio programs (Nova on RTE, SuperSonic on France Culture, Tapage Nocturne and Electromania on France Musique, Radia, Resonance FM, Radio Panik, Phaune Radio…). She is co-founder of projects focused on sound and art including the duo OttoannA and the Double Entendre editions with Rodolphe Alexis. Based in Paris, she regularly works for the GRM and other experimental music organisations. She also writes and translates literary, poetic and theoretical texts.

In 2002, Vivancos invited people to sleep in an underground bunker (in Copenhagen)… In 2016, the original recordings, exclusively sleep sounds, were excavated and used to re-compose a subjective narrative, echoing the physiological and psychological agitation of sleep. Last year Vivancos also signed a record contract with The Sublunar Society, which released the unique album The Sleep in Opera.

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