Pacific 231 -

Pacific 231

Pierre Jolivet (born in Paris) is an artist who’s currently based in Dublin. His discography now exceeds twenty albums with more than eight collaborations.

Jolivet started in the early eighties to perform as a French pioneer under the moniker of Pacific 231, in the industrial and power electronics musical fields before moving into more ambient and abstract electronic sounds. His works now explore the very limit of sound and space, especially through his past and present multimedia performances and installations: Stif(f)le, Im’shi and Espace Altéré, presented in numerous countries as well as his recent audiovisual production: Micromega.

In 2015, Jolivet was able to develop further the transdisciplinary aspect of his practice working with artists within dance, theatre and writing at the Tyrone Guthrie Centre (in Ireland).

In 2016, he was invited to deliver a seminar and a multi-sensory performance, Mémétique Élucubrations, at the Centro Mexicano para la Música y las Artes Sonoras (in Mexico). Soon after, he won an IRC award with Skingz as enterprise partner and started a PhD in Sonic Art and Sensorial Perception. As a researcher, he’s investigating the possible connections between sound, sensors and immersive environments.

Jolivet is currently teaching photography and multimedia at University College Dublin and graduated from an MFA in the Digital World, with First Class Honours at the National College of Art and Design, where he now gives workshops in Art and Technology. Recently, he signed a record deal with The Sublunar Society and the album Transenvironmental was released.

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