Barry Prophet Live at Royal Ontario Museum

Barry Prophet will be performing “Hand Made Music: Waves of Sound & Light” at Royal Ontario Museum (ROM). June 17, 7-11 pm, Friday Night Live (FNL), “Make This” edition.

He will also perform “Family Funday Calling All Makers”, June 19, 11 am-5 pm. Both events feature Prophet’s computer animation and live electroacoustic performances.

Hand Made Music: Waves of Sound & Light

Barry Prophet performs electroacoustic interpretations of his computer animation. Prophet waves his hands around the digital theremin’s antennae to create soundscape improvisations. Electroacoustic percussion, sound art and synthesizers built from kits complete Prophet’s instrumentation.

Prophet presents a combination of visuals, performance and interactive activations, demonstrating how audio can be manipulated to create sounds that morph under the control of the maker. He coaxes the instruments to reveal compelling properties of acoustic wave physics. Experience the audio / visual compositions of Barry Prophet as he combines performance aesthetics with audience interactivity.

Barry Prophet

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