Barry Prophet: Sound As Instrument & Art, Volume 1-2

These two volumes are compilations of tracks culled from Barry Prophet‘s archive. They are recorded on self-build percussion instruments, sampler, electronic treatments and vocals – the latter being either found speech or wordless vocals performed by his partner, choreographer Janice Pomer.

Volume 1 is quite varied and includes live percussion work as well as vocals. Some tracks merely present the sonic properties of one wooden or metal instrument in simple percussion work, sometimes in small musique concrète pieces build with the use of sampler. The sound treatments take the lead in other tracks and they become studies for cumulative delay, looped voice or reverbed percussion, sometimes all together. In all cases, Prophet prefers to stick to one sound or one loop per track.

Volume 2 is mostly based on varispeed samples, loops and sound effects – but almost no vocals – and brings to mind the softer side of industrial ambient music from the 1990s.

Stream here, on Spotify, Tidal, Deezer, Apple Music etc. Available for download here (Volume 1) and here (Volume 2), from iTunes, Bandcamp and all Amazon sites.

The CD will be out on June 9 and can be pre-ordered here and on Bandcamp.

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