Favorable Review of Mick Sussman’s Selected Works (IT)

Mick Sussman‘s The Rosenberg Algorithmic Music Generator: Selected Works, Vol. 1 was reviewed in the Italian magazine Blow Up. A rough translation:

After creating the program, Mick has nothing left to do but a single gesture: push the start button.

Entrusting oneself to a machine in some way considered a sentient organism and somehow autonomous, with its changeable expressivity regulated by the laws of chance, for Sussman becomes the starting point from which to develop a broader reflection on the relationship between creativity and technological means.

He published 365 singles in a year in 2016, letting the internal structure of the Rosenberg software decide daily what was the sequence of sounds, rhythms, times and shades to choose.

A sampling of these micro compositions contained in “Selected Works” somehow amazes and fascinates for the range of solutions generated by this artificial intelligence, from the disturbing melodies to the Residents to the robotic sound of Felix Kubin, from the complex rhythm of Harry Partch to the scores of Conlan Nancarrow.

Well beyond the aleatoric concept, it reflects on a complex relationship between man and machine and on the atavistic fear that one day the automata will be able to do without us.

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