Great Review of Laurent Pernice’s A World Too Late in Nawak Posse (FR)

Laurent Pernice featured in Nawak Posse, an “explosive website regarding the French scene”.

About the CD, A World Too Late, they write that it’s “…exciting in the end since it is so adventurous. He is sometimes close to a certain progressive, psyche and experimental rock performed by Pink Floyd or often more electronic and more strikethrough, referring to the Orb’s work. Laurent clearly invites us to travel, passing from the most beautiful rave party (“Battle Horse”) at tribal and percussive rhythms of the world music (“A Certain Wave”), to the more urban beats made of infrabasses (“Birds”) to end up on a jazzy trance…”                   

Moreover, A World Too Late is considered “… a very varied CD, where you never get bored, and which keeps me dedicated at the highest point!” Read more (in French).

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