Rachel Mason: Heaven

Multi-faceted artist Rachel Mason‘s remix single Heaven is out now. For this purpose Patrick P. has reworked “Heaven” and “Tigers in the Dark!” from the album Das Ram. The tracks are bold, exciting and accessible.

The angular funk verse / sweeping chorus of “Heaven”, which has a kind of early 80s, Ippu-do feel, before ending suddenly after the somewhat expected hedonistic refrain of “you and I are getting high.”

The strutting electro-pop/funk cabaret fantasy of single “Tigers In The Dark!” is a kind of Talking Heads / Franz Ferdinand / Lady Gaga hybrid that, unlike Mason’s earlier folk / acoustic work feels 100% the work of a performance artist. The delivery, the theatricality is everything. As with Bowie (among others), the artificiality expresses the soul of the performer far more than something more apparently earnest would.¬†

Stream the single here, on Spotify, Tidal, Apple Music, Deezer etc. It is available for download here, from iTunes and Bandcamp.

Thanks, Deft Fox Digital.

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