8 x Kini

Premiere for Kini´s upcoming single “I Too Overflow” in an interesting article in the New York magazine The Big Takeover. A few words: “…experience the cool feeling evoked by the first of these titles, which straight away calls to mind such artists as The Knife, Bjork and Imogen Heap…” Moreover: “This is clever raw and heartfelt music from an artist whose charisma seeps through into her music. There is definitely something to look forward to in her new album.” Read more here.

The webzine Echosynthetic premiered the track “Dudu (Play)”. They also wrote a few interesting lines, that Kini’s double A-side single “is a stark reminder that there are still artists out there pioneering new frontiers of music.” The release “shows that not only is Kini willing to take musical risks, she has a deft talent for creating unique, challenging, and ultimately rewarding soundscapes.” Read more here.

Extensive presentation of Kini and her upcoming double A-side single in the magazine Rocks Temple. Read more here.

“I Too Overflow” was presented in the Spanish netzine El Santo Del Rock. Read more here (partly in Spanish).

Kini and her upcoming single extensively presented in the webzine Graffitivibe.  Read more here.

Kini was featured in Noise Journal’s playlist, with “I Too Overflow”. Read more here.

Kini was featured in In Memory of John Peel Show, with “Memory Bits” from her album A Room of One’s Own. Listen here.

Kini and her upcoming double A-side single was presented in Exhimusic. Read more here.

Kini’s single will be released on April 6.

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