LeVant: UnFinetude

Out now: UnFinetude (EP) by LeVant, in collab with Andreea Verde, Alexandrina Hristov and Cristina Padurariu.

This is probably the most radical and personal LeVant material so far, according to the artist himself:

“As a sort of ‘raison d’etre’ (does art need such, anyway?) for its genesis, I think it came from the subconscious challenge I got from various persons asking me what is that digimodern experimental music I wrote about in my book, ‘Postmodernism and Digimodernism in music: philosophical perspectives’. So I thought I should create a proper digimodern work and this slowly shaped in, thanks to some hours of expanding fantasy, unrelenting encounters with the realm of illusion and a handful of plugins.”

Stream here, on Spotify, Tidal, Deezer, Apple Music etc. Available for download here from iTunes, Bandcamp and all Amazon sites.

Cover: Mihaela Tudor.

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