New Single and Video with ShapeShiftingAliens

The odd duo ShapeShiftingAliens follows up the critically acclaimed CD ShapeShiftingAliens with the single Love Is A Battlefield, featuring Ingrid Contardo. It is being released with the brand new track “Second Rate” as its b-side. The track “Love Is A Battlefield” is about the complexities of love and hate in relations for (some) couples. It can also be applicable to the complex relations between nations in peace and wartimes, which may be discerned from the new accompanying video. FAB UK Music tells you more about the context. Louder Than War writes that the album is a solid release and displays the music, video and background. Note that three bonus tracks comes with the CD.

Among all the great reviews concerning the album – and previous singles – we have picked the following:

Full Blast Music writes that they create “a world that marries Salvador Dali with Blade Runner futurism all wrapped up in a steampunk aesthetic.” Moreover: “This album makes the eccentric accessible and  allows the listener to experience electronic music in a whole different light. A unique album with a David Bowie vibe this music evokes memories of the seventies with a contemporary twist.”

The Swindonian includes some interesting statements: “For every New Romantic ghost of the past that floats through the proceedings, there is an equal number of forward-thinking innovations…” Moreover: “Not only does the band contemplate the future lyrically, it is the sound of someone building that future musically. It may be easy to see where they come from in terms of influences but where they are going is a much more fascinating proposal. Stick out your electronic thumb and catch a ride, who knows where it will take you.”

Dancing About Architecture states that: “And where it took them, or at least one possible future anyway, is a strange, hallucinogenic, halogen lit, alternative dance infused future; a juxtaposition of clinical computerisation and jagged industrial edges, of smooth and soulful late night club vibes and shimmering, glitchy grooves. Fade Away makes for the perfect calling card, driven, warped, intense, dark and infectious but that is only one aspect of the album to come. At the other end of the spectrum, ‘Stay’ is a strange, musical theatre style sing-along, a mercurial mix of humanity and programming, of man and machine partying together, ‘Shadows’ is a dystopian ballad and ‘Love is a Battlefield’ a wonderful duet…”

You can buy the self-titled CD here and on Bandcamp. The single and the album are available for streaming and download on all major services.

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