Sublunar Release BPF (Big Paul Ferguson – Killing Joke) Feat. Veteran Guitarist Mark Gemini Thwaite

The Sublunar Society proudly announce the new exclusive license deal with Dead Radio Station to release BPF´s EP Remote Viewing. Paul Ferguson is a rock drummer, best known for his work in the post-punk / industrial group Killing Joke. Remote Viewing was created with veteran guitarist and co-producer Mark Gemini Thwaite (MGT) from The Mission and Tricky. Thwaite’s presence is felt throughout the EP. Read more about Thwaite here (Wikipedia) and here (website). Brainshadow has mastered the whole release and participates on the track “X-Box” (on violin). BPF has, with this project, been featured in a number of magazines / blogs lately:

Intriguing interview in Punk Online with BPF – including answers about his collab with Mark Gemini Thwaite and Brainshadow. Read more.

In their EP review, Louder Than War write: “Killing Joke drummer delivers a 9/10 widescreen classic.” Read more.

According to the music blogger Joel Gausten: “Like the brightest moments in his musical past, Remote Viewing will provide new treasures to listeners years after their introduction to it. An essential addition to the discography of one of underground music’s most innovative minds.” Read more.

Regen Magazine delivers an interesting context for BPF’s release and Killing Jokes’ 40th anniversary. Read more.

My Global Mind delivers BPF’s bio, whereas Mayhem Music Magazine drops the bio and trailer for “I Am War”. Read more. Planetmosh drops the trailer here.

Moreover, Happy Metal Geek writes that: “It’s incredibly refreshing and unique. It’s so smooth and laidback, it’s easy to hit play and before you know it you’re at the end. It’s dark and surreal, but it combines that with relaxing, hypnotic vibes that makes it difficult to turn away from. If you like Nine Inch Nails or any kind of melodic industrial music then you have to check it out.” Read more.

Jace Media’s review is in the same vein. Read more.

Josh Farrell’s review in Metal Planet Music is also in the same vein. He was blown away by the release. Read more.

In Flaming Pablum’s review it says that: “As a solo debut, Remote Viewing is an audacious statement steeped in thoughtful indignation and delivered as cleansing catharsis. It will demand your attention. You’d do well to succumb to that demand.” Read more.

Patchcord News writes an intriguing review: “The message within each song, by nature, should reach you on several levels, spiritually, subliminally and directly depending on how you receive them. It will be an awakening, perhaps even a revelation but should not be a surprise. You should be ready for your transformation.” Read more.

Download the EP here or on Bandcamp. Pre-order the CD here or on Bandcamp. The EP will be available on CD, and for streaming on August 24.

Check out BPF’s new video, by Mont Sherar, for “I Am War”:

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