Three Sublunar Artists on Exhibition at Le Cube (FR)

Barry Prophet, Ocean Viva Silver and Laurent Pernice are represented, concerning Acoustic Cameras, at Le Cube in Paris.

Acoustic Cameras’ project invites composers, poets and sound artists to capture in real time the flow of webcams located in different places around the world. The artist is invited to deliver a sound or musical piece in connection with this stream, which is intercepted but not modified. The sound piece thus performed acts as a modification of reality.

The device creates an encounter between a recorded sound and the live recording of a fluctuating landscape. Depending on the season, the weather and the time of day or night, the camera continuously sweeps the filmed location (seaside, city or mountain) and writes in real time the film of the music of the artist. Music or sound creation, taking up the filmed landscape, immediately takes on a narrative, dramatic dimension according to the principles of music in cinema. The artists’ contribution: Barry Prophet, Ocean Viva Silver and Laurent Pernice.

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