Deluxe Art Portfolio

Unda Arte and Allan Gutheim: Postmodern Substrata

The Sublunar Society presents Postmodern Substrata – a deluxe, retrospective art portfolio by Unda Arte (photographs, texts and graphic design) and Allan Gutheim (music).

This unique art portfolio consists of 15 original art prints (15 x 21 cm), a 28 page booklet with literary texts and a 4 track EP (CD). The portfolio is limited to 99 individually numbered copies. For excerpts from the booklet, click here.

According to Unda Arte, Postmodern Substrata indicates that the portfolio concerns postmodern layers of interpretation. Postmodern in what sense? First, UA want to picture the convergence between today’s fine and popular culture, with illusion and reality as the main theme. Second, UA claims that the interaction between different art forms — photography, painting, sculpture and music — can be considered as postmodern.

The collaborative art duo Unda Arte consists of the artists Marie Lundvall and Peder Bjoerk. UA has exhibited in Europe, the U.S, Asia and Australia. They have participated in magazines, created book covers and been among the winners in a number of international art competitions. The music for the portfolio has been recorded on analog and digital synthesizers. The four pieces have been selected from the archives of the avant-electronic composer Allan Gutheim.

The portfolio is available at and Amazon UK for 75 USD / 60 GBP. You can stream Gutheim’s EP here, on Spotify, Tidal, Deezer, Apple Music etc. It is available for download here, from iTunes, Bandcamp and all Amazon sites.

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