The Sublunar Society is a record label and publishing company, founded by Marie Lundvall and Peder Bjoerk in 2013. Sublunar releases music and publishes literature for the international and national markets. The company also produces exclusive limited edition art products for collectors. The guiding spirit behind The Sublunar Society is one of artistic freedom and creative exploration beyond the conventional…

The Sublunar SocietySublunar is a member of NOFF (Nordic Independent Publishers Association), SOM (Swedish Independent Labels) and SLR (Swedish Label Rights). SOM is a member of WIN (The Worldwide Independent Music Industry Network), a global forum for the professional independent music industry. SOM is also affiliated to IMPALA (Independent Music Companies Association), representing over 4,000 independents and national associations of independent companies across Europe. SLR is a member of Merlin, a global rights agency, representing independent music rights worldwide.

As artists, Lundvall and Bjoerk are more known as Unda Arte – a collaborative art duo, with an international audience. They have exhibited in Europe, the U.S., Asia and Australia. As authors they publish texts and books, as graphic designers they create book and record covers. The couple also formed Unda Sonora…

Both Lundvall and Bjoerk are members of Swedish PEN, ALIS (Administration of Literary Rights in Sweden), BUS (Visual Arts Copyright Society in Sweden), CFF (Center For Photography), STIM (Swedish Performing Rights Society) and SAMI (Swedish Artists’ and Musicians’ Interest Organization). Sublunar has signed Labels’ Fair Digital Deals Declaration, “a statement of commitment made by independent record labels worldwide to treat their artists fairly in agreements relating to digital exploitations of artists’ work in recorded music agreements with third parties”.

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