A Selection of Excellent Articles and Airplay – ShapeShiftingAliens and Fade Away

The Big Takeover – a New York music magazine – spotlights ShapeShiftingAliens‘ eerie video and song “Fade Away”. This fantastic review also outlines the duo’s context and shares more of the duo’s intriguing videos. Two  quotes from the fantastic review:

“…dig deeper and you’ll also find elements of The Mission, Angelo Badalamenti, Brian Eno…”

“Exacting, impeccably performed, and captivating, ShapeShiftingAliens deserve your full attention. Add because the video is equally brilliant, you should add this to your first 2019 listening and video playlists.”

Read more about the song / video, SSA and see the videos in the review.

BroadwayWorld also wrote a long article about the context of SSA, observing that the self-titled album will be released on CD on February 15. Read the article here.

Excellent presentation of SSA, the video and more in Graffiti Vibe and Pete’s Rock News and Views. A shortened version can be found in Grande Rock.

The blog The Alternative Nation writes about SSA and shares “Fade Away”.

Audio Fuzz writes that: “This duo delves the darkest parts of Bowie’s Tin Machine and Trent Reznor and mixes them in an Enoish way to make this aurally thrilling (in both beauty and horror)…” Moreover: “Couple the thick, industrial sound with the breathtaking video, and you get a song that is perfect for the times with its realism and unflinching view of the future.” Read more.

Jammerzine claims that: “Set in a dissonant, apocalyptic world, ShapeShiftingAliens fade in with their new video titled ‘Fade Away’. Not going away, the dynamic duo of originality send a sonic shiver down the spine of collectiveness with an original track and video designed to contemplate and devised to remember. This was created to not only be heard but heeded.” Read more.

829 Media presents the “Fade Away” video. Watch here.

Dark Beauty Magazine presents SSA and “Fade Away”. Read and watch here.

tribe4mian presents SSA, including the video and the lyrics for “Fade Away”. Take a look here.

SSA was presented on Shameless Tuesdays on Boston Bastard Brigade, where Niklas Rundquist has put together a playlist with songs by SSA and his favorite inspiration sources. There you can also buy the album, ShapeShiftingAliens. Read more here.

For those of you who read Spanish, there was an article in Zone Nights and  El Santo del Rock; in the latter the lyrics for “Fade Away” can be found. Check it out.

The single and album are available on all major services. Pre-order the CD on Bandcamp.

The Pit, Bombshell Radio and The Blackout Radio Show, among others.., played “Fade Away”… 1:05:44 (The Pit below), 55:05 (Bombshell Radio) and 55:21 (The Blackout Radio Show) into the radio show. My Favorite Sings played “Showing My Face”; 1:53:00 into the show.

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