New BPF Remix with Video, Interview and More…

Read the interesting inteview in Punk Globe Magazine with “Big Paul” Ferguson, about his career with Killing Joke – and his release, Remote Viewing, on Sublunar. You find the interview here.

Author / DJ / photographer / film maker Mont Sherar of Montster Filmwerks has remixed the album track, “The Great Motivator”, for a new video. “The Great Motivator – Montstrosity (Re)mix” is, according to ReGen Magazine, presented as a complete audio / visual art piece “that reinterprets the song’s boisterous layers of shrill guitar feedback, distorted atmospheres, and processional rhythms and compounds them with frenetic imagery to build upon the song’s urgency and tension, Ferguson’s straightforward spoken word at once despondent and arresting amid his percussive attacks and the instrumental wizardry of Mark Gemini Thwaite.” Read more about the background here, in ReGen Magazine, presented by Mont Sherar.

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